Frequently Asked Questions

24-Hour Urine Hormone Questions

Q: How long can the urine stay at room temperature for the 24hr urine hormone with the boric acid tablet?

A: It depends on the temperature and test. I.E. if it’s summertime in Texas or Arizona it can be left for 48hrs (that’s for all profiles).  If it’s a humid area with high temps 48hrs at room temp is maximum. CompPlus w/hGH, CompPlus, or Estrogen Profile they can be left at room temperature for 48hrs and refrigerated for one week. Sex, Adrenal, or Comp. can be left at room temperature for 3-4 days and refrigerated for 3 weeks. The hGH is the only analyte that cannot be frozen.

Q: Does water based lubricant affect 24hr urine hormone test?

A: No, it does not but sperm can affect it.

Q: If they have to start over can we ship them a new boric acid tablet?

A: Yes, but they will have to pay a $10.00 shipping fee if sending UPS.

Q: If patient buys boric acid powder how much can they use for jug?

A: 1 teaspoon per our Chief Science Officer.

Q: If the patient is or has been on birth control how long do they need to be off of it before beginning the Hormone 24 Hour urine test if the doctor would like a baseline?

A: Recommended at least 3 months.

Q: If patient takes the morning after pill, how long until they can collect for the 24hr urine test?

A: Patient must wait one week from taking the pill to collect.  If it’s past their days to collect they will have to collect the following month.

Q: If patient has to start over with 24 hour urine test and does not want to refrigerate sample what can they use in replace of boric acid tablet so they do not need to refrigerate sample?

A: Vitamin C powder can be used in replace of boric acid. If the Vitamin C comes in capsules empty the powder into the jug without the capsule. If the tablets are 500mg use 4 tablets if the vitamin C is 1000mg us 2 tablets. Start with 1 gram per liter. 2 liters, put 2 grams in, 3 liters put 3 grams, etc.

Q: Patients that are on birth control taking the 24 hour urine test that cannot get off of birth control and have consistently been taking can they still take the 24 hour urine test?

A:The results for the estrogen will be suppressed

Q: Does testosterone affect hGH results?

A: Yes, it can cause them to be high.  If the patient plans on continuing to take testosterone then it is recommended to continue taking it, if they want a baseline and may possibly go off of testosterone then it needs to be avoided for 3 weeks.

Q: Can you take COQ10 while doing the 24 hour urine test?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the least amount of urine for total volume you can receive to run the 24 hour urine test?

A: 500ml

Q: Will lip gloss or hand cream that has primrose in it affect the 24 hour urine?

A: No.

Q: If patient has their uterus removed and they are completing 24 hour urine, is there still a particular date they need to collect on?

A: If patient knows when she ovulates then they simply add 7 days and that will be the date she collects on.

Q: If patient is doing chelation what’s the recommended time to wait after to do 24hr urine test?

A: Ideally we would like them to wait 48 hours; minimum 24hrs.

Q: If a patient has a surgery how long should they wait to do the 24hr urine test?

A: The patient should wait until they’re able to function on their own before doing the test, because the stress of the surgery.

Allergy Question and Answers

Q: Why was my report ran at 5x concentration?

A: When the original result was low, it can be due to low immune system, low, inability to absorb or ability to activate B vitamins, taking meds that will suppress the results (see the drug interaction list) or they can truly have low results.

Q: What’s the minimum requirement of serum of the combo allergy test?

A: 2.5mLs but we won’t be able to run it at 5x concentration.

Q: What’s the minimum requirement of serum for the inhalant?

A: 2.5mL and it cannot be homolyzed.

Q: In the allergy test what kind of malt is tested?


Q:What family is Black Bean in?

A:It’s in the Pinto and Kidney Bean family.

Q: If a patient is allergic to dairy products can they have lactose free products?

A: No, we don’t check the all dairy ingredients so we recommend they avoid anything that has dairy in it.

Q: What’s in the mixes in the allergy results?

A: Apple Mix: Red Delicious, Yellow, Delicious, and Jonathan.

Squash Mix: Yellow (summer) and Acorn (winter)

Chili Powder: Peppers, Garlic, Cayenne, Paprika, Cumin, Oregano

Squash: yellow and acorn

Q: What type of tea is tested?

A: Normal black tea.

Q: What type of lettuce is tested?

A: Iceberg lettuce (which also cross reacts with romaine).

Q: What kind of rice is checked in our E-95 allergy panel?

A: White Rice (we check brown rice on the A95)

Q:Is Lactose milk okay to drink if allergy test is showing to avoid cows and goats milk?

A: No, lactose milk is not okay to drink as a substitute because with lactose milk it breaks   down the sugars and still has the protein which we want patients to avoid.

Q: If allergic to casein/dairy is it okay to eat butter?

A: Yes, because the patient would be more allergic to proteins as butter is more of a fat.

Q: What type of potato do we check for white or sweet?

A: We check for white, but if you are interested in sweet you can always check the A-95 and that checks for yams which is labeled sweet.

Q:What type of honey do we test for?        

A: It does not specify one type it is from all northern wild flowers that bees gather the honey from. We recommend staying away from all types of honey if it shows up on test.

Q: What is gliadin?

A: Sub fraction of gluten.

Q: My result showed that I need to avoid Gluten but moderate to Wheat why is that?

A: When we test Gluten it’s more concentrated as it’s just gluten but when we test wheat we are checking wheat as a whole grain so it has other proteins in it but if you show avoid to Gluten you want to avoid Wheat as it has gluten in it.

Q: What type of mushroom is being tested?

A: Button.

Q: What do we check for in wheat?

A: Wheat grain (seed) not the grass

Q: If allergic to beef, is bison okay to eat?

A: Similar but not exactly the same, avoid beef, try bison and see how you react

Q: Is feta cheese okay to eat if allergic to cheese?

A: How do you react to goat milk? If allergic to goat milk, avoid the feta cheese; if not allergic to goat milk, you can eat feta cheese

Q: Is baked goods okay if allergic to egg white/egg yolk?

A: Depends on person, can’t say for sure, probably avoid and look for egg substitute

Q: If allergic to nuts, is hazelnut okay?

A: Look at filbert nut on A-95, that’s hazelnut

Q: If allergic to beans is white bean and baked beans okay to eat?

A: Depends on how you’re reacting to other beans, avoid for a while, re-introduce to system in a couple months

Q: If allergic to milk, is whey protein okay to drink?

A: Antigen were working on but it reacts like dairy

Q: What kind of egg is being tested?

A: Chicken egg

Q: If allergic to green peppers, can you eat yellow, red or orange peppers?

A: All peppers have the same cross reactive so the answer is no.

Q: Why is yogurt okay to eat when milk shows in the avoid or moderate area?

A: Proteins tend to change in yogurt and the milk is fermented.

Q: If allergic to sunflower seeds, is the patient allergic to sunflower oil?

A: Chances are not because it’s testing the protein and not the oil but we can’t say for sure.

Q: Is soy bean the same thing as soy?


Q: How can I be allergic to malt but not barley but barley is malt?

A:Malt is barley but goes through a process to become barley

Q: Is nutritional yeast the same thing as brewer’s yeast?

A: Yes.

Q: If patients allergy test is showing up avoid yogurt, does this mean they need to stay away from probiotics?

A: If the probiotic they are taking shows on label lactose or dairy then yes they may want to switch probiotic to one without dairy or lactose.

Q: What’s suggested time to wait after patient gets vaccines?

A: We recommend they wait 6-8 weeks after vaccines to do test per our consulting physicians.

Q: What kind of WHEY is being tested?

A: New Zealand Whey

Other Test Questions

Q: If a patient is visiting out of the USA can their results be emailed to them?

A: No, because their results were ordered in the states and that would still fall under the law.

Q: What method do we run for the Vitamin D?

A: RIA Method (Radio Immuno Assay)

Q: What is the weight of hair collected required for Hair Mineral Kit?

A: .25 Grams

Q: What can I do to help produce saliva for salivary collection?

A: It’s recommended to try pushing your tongue against your teeth, smelling food and swishing water around in your mouth then waiting 5min before collection per ZRT and they do NOT recommend chewing on ANYTHING as they don’t know if it will contaminate the sample.

Q: How stable is rT3 in transit?

A: Refrigerated or frozen its stable 3-5 days from when they draw the blood per our Chief Science Officer.

Q: If patient doing CSDA w/O&Px3 and can’t go off laxatives for 5 days what’s recommendation?

A: Laxatives affects the absorption and digestive parts of test (it speeds up the stool in the gut so doesn’t give accurate info) but if mainly looking at microbiology it won’t affect it but recommend patient doing the green, white and yellow vial on day one so they will only have to be off for 2 days then can go back on them as it doesn’t affect the Ova and Parasite part of test.

Q: If a patient is collecting for a CSDA O&PX3 and is taking laxatives in order to have a bowel movement and the instructions recommend patient to refrain from laxatives for 2 days prior to collection.

A: The patient needs to stay off of laxatives for the first collection and can continue taking the laxative for the 2nd and last collection.

Q: Will colloidal silver affect CSDA?

A: Yes, it may affect the bacteria and what is growing; avoid for one week.

Q: If patient has trouble sleeping and has taken melatonin to no effect what tests can we recommend?

A: If the patient is working with one of our doctor’s then hormones should be checked possibly CompPlus w/Melatonin so check their levels.  If not working with doctor then if the patient has trouble falling asleep then the 4 point Cortisol is recommend.  If they fall asleep okay but wake up often then then it’s recommended to check their blood sugar regulation; GITT is recommended but fasting glucose and hemoglobinA1C may be sufficient.  It will probably be more helpful to the patient work with a physician since it may due to many reasons the physician can do more testing or try different therapeutic remedies.