Patient Information

Thank you for choosing Meridian Valley Laboratory as part of your journey to wellness! Meridian Valley has been a pioneer in diagnostic and functional testing for patients and practitioners worldwide since 1976.

Pioneering Innovation
We were one of the first clinical laboratories in the world to offer IgG antibody testing for the detection of food allergies. We also developed and pioneered the use of the 24-hour urine hormone test, an invaluable physician tool for the assessment of endocrine imbalance and the management of bio-identical hormone therapy. Most recently, Meridian Valley Lab launched a clinical test for Whole Blood Viscosity – a first for clinical practice in the Western Hemisphere.

How do I order lab tests?
Discuss what type of laboratory testing you might need with your physician or other health care practitioner. Your doctor may order Meridian Valley tests for you, or in most cases you may order tests for yourself. Give our customer service department a call at (toll free) 855-405-TEST to arrange shipment of the test kits at an additional fee if shipped directly to patient.

As a patient, what tests may I order myself?
We believe in empowering individuals as they take an active role in their own health and wellbeing. As a patient, you may order any of the following tests:
• Food Allergy Tests
• Complete Blood Viscosity Profile
• Comprehensive/ Microbiological Stool Tests
• Blood/ Urine/ Hair Mineral Tests
• Serum Hormone Tests
• Any routine testing such as CBC, blood chemistry, thyroid and other nutritional markers
• There are more! Call us at 855-405-TEST for additional information

What tests must my physician order for me?
Our 24-hour urine and dried urine hormone tests require a physician’s prescription.

What services are available to support my physician once my lab results are available?
Meridian Valley Lab offers a free telephone consultation with every Meridian Valley Lab profile. These consultations are conducted by staff physicians that work closely with Dr. Jonathan Wright, Medical Director of Meridian Valley Lab. The consultation provides an opportunity for the ordering practitioner to discuss the results in detail ask any relevant questions.

Meridian Valley Lab also produces free webinars related to a variety of topics on lab interpretation, the safe and effective use of bio-identical hormone replacement and other cutting edge subjects.

How long will it take to receive my results?
Once the specimen is received, the average time to complete the test, or “turnaround time” is 7-14 working days. Some routine tests, such as a CBC or a basic chemistry panel are available much sooner. Other more complex profiles may take slightly longer. Our customer service team at (855) 405-TEST is happy to give you an update along the way if you have any questions.

I have some questions of my own about my tests results. Who can I talk to?
We recommend working with a qualified healthcare practitioner that can give your unique situation the time and space it deserves. As a result of this concern and Washington State law, Meridian Valley Lab physicians cannot dispense medical advice over the telephone.

Are there any practitioners in my area that are familiar with Meridian Valley Lab’s tests?
Our customer service department would be happy to help connect you to a nearby practitioner. Give us a call at (855) 405-TEST and tell us what kind of specialty you are interested in.

Does Meridian Valley Lab accept insurance or Medicare?
Meridian Valley Lab is not a preferred provider with any insurance company. This enables ultimate control over healthcare decisions to rest with you and your doctor. Similarly, Meridian Valley Lab does not accept Medicare at this time.

Meridian Valley Laboratory (MVL) does not provide services to any patient or practitioner located in the State of New York