“I prefer to use the 24-hour urine tests, because nearly all hormones are secreted in ‘bursts’ and ‘pulses’ and a single blood draw or saliva collection (or even two or three of them) may not provide a representative sample.”

-Jonathan Wright, MD, Medical Director & Founder Meridian Valley Lab, Seattle, Washington

“MVL’s test panels provide a wealth of information. Their consulting doctors are knowledgeable, providing step by step explanations for practitioners integrating BHRT into their practice and assisting seasoned doctors with complex cases.”

-Dr. Sonja Fung, ND, La Quinta, California

“I have been testing women’s hormones and doing bio-identical replacement since 1999. Back then the results I obtained were frequently out of sync with patient’s symptoms and I frequently felt I was throwing a dart in figuring out a woman’s hormonal balance. After taking a seminar 7 years ago where I learned about Meridian Valley’s 24-hour urine testing, my practice and ease in helping women achieve hormonal balance was transformed. The accuracy of the testing is phenomenal and equates to women feeling better faster with less changes in their hormone doses (saving both time and money). The amount of information one is able to derive from the testing goes far beyond hormone levels – I have even caught early diabetes as a result of this test. I cannot help but feel that by looking at metabolite ratios and shifting patients to healthier metabolites (if unhealthy) that we are able to move to disease and cancer prevention. All of this is due to Meridian Valley having expert scientists and medical providers on staff to consult when needed. I feel the health of my patients have been positively influenced by the expert staff and lab testing at Meridian Valley.”

-Renae Blanton, MSN, ANP, Durango, Colorado

“Meridian Valley Labs has been a wonderful resource to my practice. Every aspect of the organization that I have worked with has been exceptional. The range of examinations and the professional support available allows me to offer the very best to my patients. I especially appreciate the phone consultations with staff doctors whenever I have a question. I am a doctor of Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine. I have run a holistic/functional medicine practice for over 35 years. What has proven to be one of the most valuable tests in my practice is the Comprehensive Plus Hormone 24 hour Urine Profile with HGH. The scope of this test offers more complete findings than any other hormone test I have come across.”

-Dr. Kerry L. Dillberg, D.C., L.Ac., FASBE, Koloa, Hawaii

“I have been in practice since 2007 and every year more women come into my office seeking help with hormone balancing. Meridian Valley provides the most reliable and comprehensive hormone tests and I trust their results over other labs. The expert on-staff doctors help me to interpret the test results and determine the most appropriate form of treatment for each individual patient.”

-Sara Kinnon, ND, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“There is so much useful information available in your urine hormone profiles that goes way beyond sex hormones…I especially appreciate the time and excellent advice I get from your consulting physicians when I have a difficult case.”

-Herman Lerner, MD, Shutesbury, Massachusetts

“…I think that your laboratory does the best job of this (24-Hour Urine Hormone Testing). I think that you are still the “gold standard” and will continue to be at the top of our list.”

-Chris Foley, MD, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I finally completed my initial 24 hour urine for the Comprehensive Plus HGH kit and I was pleased with the results and with Dr Michael Kaplan’s excellent discussion of the results. I will be ordering the Estrogen Metabolites Profile on all my postmenopausal patients instead of the 2/16 blood test I was previously doing with Genova.”

-Dora Johnson, MD, Irving, Texas

“When a person has unexpected problems with a treatment, it may be useful to do a comprehensive 24-hour urine test covering all the steroid hormones and their metabolites, thyroid hormones, growth hormone, etc… Meridian Valley Lab in Renton, Washington State is probably the best at the job. It is run by Jonathan Wright, M.D. (who has been doing hormone replacement therapy for about 30 years – more experience than anyone I know) who convinced me in a meeting this past weekend of their usefulness. With the comprehensive 24-hour urine test, one can tell better how a treatment affects the various hormone metabolic pathways. Given how variable these pathways are between individuals, this lab test is useful to clarify how a person is responding to treatment – particularly when unexpected or unusual things are happening. For example, Finasteride in a few men can cause an increase in Estrone levels – which may not be caught in when blood testing alone is done. Thus it is not only DHT that is affected – but the levels of other steroid hormones also – in some cases, in unexpected ways. For example, perhaps the increase in Estrone can affect overall anabolism..”

-Dr. Marianco

“If I had my way, I would do this test on every female who walked through the door. . . The Comprehensive Hormone Profile has greatly improved my diagnostics, but more importantly has benefitted my patients by improving their treatment plans. Because it is so accurate, this test takes the guesswork out of prescribing hormones.”

-Anna Kearns, BSc (H), ND, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“My food allergy to dairy causes seizures. Since I was about 9 years old, I was in a constant state of Febrile Seizures due to a constant snack of cheese, milk and crackers that had dairy in them. The basic blood test a doctor orders did not show I was allergic to anything. Until I had a basic food panel blood test done at meridian valley lab, my extreme allergy to all forms of dairy went undetected.I was able to find a lab that would do the blood draw, and I self directed this test (no dr.’s lab slip)….this test saved my life.”

“My Trainer suggested that I could try a allergy test. I have been on a workout program for a few monthsand was really feeling sluggish. I took the test (FoodSafe) and when I got my results, a number of food issues came up.I eliminated them from my diet about three weeks ago and feeling a lot more energetic now. Also I don’t seem to get headaches like I used to. This is Fun Now!”

“My 15 year old son had experienced fatigue and difficulty with mental focus for over 7 months and we were suspecting food allergies because some days he was better than others, and multiple trips to doctors hadn’t helped. We took him in to Meridian Valley lab (we live within driving distance, but you can order a mail testing kit if you live too far away to go there) and had the basic food allergy test done and now that we have him off the foods he was reacting to (we finally figured out that his Omega 3 supplement has egg yolk in it!) he now has his energy and concentration back. We are so pleased.”

“I did the foodsafe allergy blood test out of curiosity. I was shocked that the results showed that I should avoid 14 food, including eggs, cheese, corn, yeast, wheat, shrimp and milk. I eat these things all the time. I guess I will have to figure out what to do next, as it will be hard to stop all these things – I know there are alternative products on the market. I can’t say that I have an obvious reaction to any food. That’s why I was surprised at the results. Bottom Line is yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”

“This test has changed my life (FoodSafe). Very easy test to order and to do once you receive it. Results are easy to understand. Once you get the results you are able to cut those foods out of your diet immediately. I was allergic to three different foods that I would eat EVERYDAY. I had no idea that these foods were what was making me feel so sick for so long. I have struggled with headaches and migraines, pretty much my entire life….no longer do I have them. Ordering a test for everyone in my family!! Thank you!!”

“I have had three of these tests done over the course of three years (FoodSafe). Eggs consistently show up in the red almost off the chart. I was suffering from disfiguring joint problems for 9 years and no doctor could help me. All they did was prescribe steroids and at one point they tried to get me on Raptiva. Fortunately I said no to the Raptiva. It was later taken off the market because it caused neurological damage. The Food Safe Allergy Test showed me the foods to avoid, especially eggs. I no longer have the joint problems! No drugs needed! This test should be the first diagnostic used by doctors and individuals if suffering from inflammation related diseases. I will get the test once a year for the rest of my life, as it provides the best advice to steer clear of damaging foods.”

“I got shocking results from this food safe allergy test. I was concerned because of a constant feeling of “not feeling well” and all other testing through PCP could find nothing wrong. I had chronic muscle and joint aches with no explanation. So glad I found this test and found that I have a moderate/high reaction to food I was eating every day! No wonder i wasn’t feeling well when my body was on overtime trying to rid itself from the toxins in my system. I am going wheat/gluten free from here on out as well as eliminating every other food I am sensitive to and hopefully I will be feeling better very soon. Test results were very easy to read and understand. Doing the test tonight for my teen, anxious to find out his results! Knowing that food sensitivity can cause of “host” of problems and not just rash/redness etc. was invaluable and I am hopeful elimination of the problematic foods will result in a feeling of general well being. #hopeful”

“I did the allergy test over a month ago. Got the results back in only 9 days. They showed me which foods to avoid that I had a high sensitivity to. There was also a number of moderate reactions to others. I followed the Lab’s recommendations and do feel better. No irritating cough and got rid of bloating.”

I never knew I had so many food allergies and sensitivities until my doc ordered my tests. Holy moly! No wonder why I felt so chronically ill! Their tests have been extremely accurate for me. How different my life has been since finding out about them! Oh, and the results were very easy to understand and interpret.”

“I was having terrible breathing problems and after taking this test I found out I was regularly eating things that I was very allergic to. Once I stopped eating these my breathing problems went away. I also found out I wasn’t allergic to foods that I thought I was allergic to. This is a very helpful product and I recommend it.”

“I was getting hives often and would never have guessed that I had an egg allergy. Looking back it, of course, makes perfect sense, but I was convinced that all the more common allergies were to blame for my symptoms too. Turns out I was making it worse prior to my results. I’ve only cut out my two big allergens, eggs and almonds, for a few days, but so far so good. Thank you!”

“I went to the dermatologist and later to an allergy specialist for my hives. The regular skin prick tests did not show an allergy to wheat or grains however when I removed them from my diet my hives went away, as did my aches and pains and inflammation. Having this test done did not show an allergy to grain, but surprisingly did show a yeast allergy. I am much relieved to know what foods my body is reacting to without having to stop eating ALL grains as I had previously. Knowledge is power!”